See here for the main Dockerfile to construct the image for running an OpenAI compatible server with vLLM.

  • Below is a visual representation of the multi-stage Dockerfile. The build graph contains the following nodes:

    • All build stages

    • The default build target (highlighted in grey)

    • External images (with dashed borders)

    The edges of the build graph represent:

    • FROM … dependencies (with a solid line and a full arrow head)

    • COPY –from=… dependencies (with a dashed line and an empty arrow head)

    • RUN –mount=(.*)from=… dependencies (with a dotted line and an empty diamond arrow head)


    Made using: patrickhoefler/dockerfilegraph

    Commands to regenerate the build graph (make sure to run it from the `root` directory of the vLLM repository where the dockerfile is present):

    dockerfilegraph -o png --legend --dpi 200 --max-label-length 50 --filename Dockerfile

    or in case you want to run it directly with the docker image:

    docker run \
       --rm \
       --user "$(id -u):$(id -g)" \
       --workdir /workspace \
       --volume "$(pwd)":/workspace \ \
       --output png \
       --dpi 200 \
       --max-label-length 50 \
       --filename Dockerfile \

    (To run it for a different file, you can pass in a different argument to the flag –filename.)