Running on clouds with SkyPilot#


vLLM can be run on the cloud to scale to multiple GPUs with SkyPilot, an open-source framework for running LLMs on any cloud.

To install SkyPilot and setup your cloud credentials, run:

$ pip install skypilot
$ sky check

See the vLLM SkyPilot YAML for serving, serving.yaml.

    accelerators: A100

    MODEL_NAME: decapoda-research/llama-13b-hf
    TOKENIZER: hf-internal-testing/llama-tokenizer

setup: |
    conda create -n vllm python=3.9 -y
    conda activate vllm
    git clone
    cd vllm
    pip install .
    pip install gradio

run: |
    conda activate vllm
    echo 'Starting vllm api server...'
    python -u -m vllm.entrypoints.api_server \
                    --model $MODEL_NAME \
                    --tensor-parallel-size $SKYPILOT_NUM_GPUS_PER_NODE \
                    --tokenizer $TOKENIZER 2>&1 | tee api_server.log &
    echo 'Waiting for vllm api server to start...'
    while ! `cat api_server.log | grep -q 'Uvicorn running on'`; do sleep 1; done
    echo 'Starting gradio server...'
    python vllm/examples/

Start the serving the LLaMA-13B model on an A100 GPU:

$ sky launch serving.yaml

Check the output of the command. There will be a shareable gradio link (like the last line of the following). Open it in your browser to use the LLaMA model to do the text completion.

(task, pid=7431) Running on public URL: https://<gradio-hash>

Optional: Serve the 65B model instead of the default 13B and use more GPU:

sky launch -c vllm-serve-new -s serve.yaml --gpus A100:8 --env MODEL_NAME=decapoda-research/llama-65b-hf