Usage Stats Collection#

vLLM collects anonymous usage data by default to help the engineering team better understand which hardware and model configurations are widely used. This data allows them to prioritize their efforts on the most common workloads. The collected data is transparent, does not contain any sensitive information, and will be publicly released for the community’s benefit.

What data is collected?#

You can see the up to date list of data collected by vLLM in the

Here is an example as of v0.4.0:

  "uuid": "fbe880e9-084d-4cab-a395-8984c50f1109",
  "provider": "GCP",
  "num_cpu": 24,
  "cpu_type": "Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU @ 2.20GHz",
  "cpu_family_model_stepping": "6,85,7",
  "total_memory": 101261135872,
  "architecture": "x86_64",
  "platform": "Linux-5.10.0-28-cloud-amd64-x86_64-with-glibc2.31",
  "gpu_count": 2,
  "gpu_type": "NVIDIA L4",
  "gpu_memory_per_device": 23580639232,
  "model_architecture": "OPTForCausalLM",
  "vllm_version": "0.3.2+cu123",
  "context": "LLM_CLASS",
  "log_time": 1711663373492490000,
  "source": "production",
  "dtype": "torch.float16",
  "tensor_parallel_size": 1,
  "block_size": 16,
  "gpu_memory_utilization": 0.9,
  "quantization": null,
  "kv_cache_dtype": "auto",
  "enable_lora": false,
  "enable_prefix_caching": false,
  "enforce_eager": false,
  "disable_custom_all_reduce": true

You can preview the collected data by running the following command:

tail ~/.config/vllm/usage_stats.json

Opt-out of Usage Stats Collection#

You can opt-out of usage stats collection by setting the VLLM_NO_USAGE_STATS or DO_NOT_TRACK environment variable, or by creating a ~/.config/vllm/do_not_track file:

# Any of the following methods can disable usage stats collection
export DO_NOT_TRACK=1
mkdir -p ~/.config/vllm && touch ~/.config/vllm/do_not_track